Member Plot Responsibilities

In order to continue involvement at the garden one must

All members:

*You as a member are responsible for actions of your guest. If a plot owner’s guest brakes a bylaw the plot owner is responsible and will be reprimanded as if they broke the bylaw themselves.

That bring children into the garden must be present with them at all times.

May not bring any animals to the garden or leave their animals in the car for safety reasons.

May not provide food or water for any wild animals.

May not consume any alcoholic beverage or inhale/inject any illegal substances while on DBCG grounds.

Must properly use the equipment and tools of DBCG and return them CLEAN to their proper place.

May not destroy or damage any property of DBCG. If required members will be prosecuted at the full extent of the law. 

Must only enter another member’s garden with their written permission or accompanied by them.

May not Remove any item (crop, plant, tools, etc) that is not your own personal property. If proven this will be considered theft and reported as so. This will be cause for immediate expulsion from the garden and permanent loss of membership.

If for any reason you are unable to maintain your plot you must find someone to maintain your plot. (The association is not responsible for the upkeep of an individual’s plot) * You must notify the board in writing of this arrangement.

Attend two (2) work parties per year or give four (4) hours of service.  Special work parties may be called as needed.  Hours are pro-rated if member has joined garden after January 1st (only need to complete two (2) hours).  These Community Service Hours must be completed by the last work party of the Garden Year, which is held the first weekend in June.  The Garden Year and Calendar Year are not the same. There can be no carryover to or from previous or future Garden Years.  There will be no grace period for fulfilling Community Service Hours.  Admittance to the garden during work party hours is only for members attending the work party.  There will be no personal gardening in your plot during these scheduled work parties.

Renew membership must be completed in time to be received no later than (insert date).  Please see our website or church bulletin board for exact dates.

May not remove anything (i.e., bags, produce or trays) from the food bank plots and/or from the produce collection table, as it will result in immediate and permanent loss of membership.  DBCG, through its Food Bank, provides free produce to organizations approved by the Board of Directors including, but not limited to, the homeless, battered women, abused children, the poor etc.

Notify the secretary when giving up a membership.

Member Plot Responsibilities

In order to continue involvement at the garden one must:

All members will:

Keep garden plot completely planted and harvested at all times with new vegetables of the season (token planting and cover crops are not allowed). Your garden must be planted with at least 75% of crop, thus allowing the remaining 25% of your plot for ornamental plants and aesthetic items.

* If an item is being used as a support for a growing crop (i.e., bean pole, tomato cage, trellis for beans, etc.) these items are considered part of your planted crop, however crop must be planted and using supports. If cages, trellises, etc. are not in use, these will be calculated as part of your 25% unplanted plot.

Plant no more than 10% of garden area in beneficial flowers and no more than 25% of garden area with any one crop (i.e., herbs, berries, tomatoes, mustard greens, squash, etc.).

Remove and/or trim all diseased and pest infested plants. (If not attended to, these could drastically affect your neighbor’s gardens.) This is grounds for reposition of one’s plot.

Keep crop trimmed and out of pathways and understand that if crop extends into a pathway it     will be cut back.

Keep plot free of all weeds and grasses.  (Visit for types of weeds information.)  If weeds are allowed to mature they could drastically affect your neighbor’s gardens.)

When using the hose one must stay with it when the water is turned on.  Please conserve water at all times.

Do Not use any type of pressure treated wood in garden.

Use Perimeter Fence & Gate Recommendations – You can install a perimeter fence around your plot. All fences/gates must be constructed as close to 2 feet in height as possible, and cannot be attached to the border boards.  Due to the current proliferation of pests in the garden, fences should be constructed from materials that are designed for garden use only. Standard galvanized chicken wire is the recommended fencing material. Other materials such as plastic fencing and cloth nettings (i.e., bird netting, ground cloth, etc. used as perimeter fencing only) will not be allowed as acceptable perimeter fencing material.  Fencing must not impede or hang into pathways.  Any new plot fencing must be pre-approved, both in design and materials, by the board members.  (Obtain Perimeter Fence & Gate Recommendations from the Vice President.)

Do not build raised beds or make any changes/improvements in their plot without first submitting plans with measurements/materials to the board members.

Do not alter the designated pathways in between garden plots.

Keep garden paths at their original width and keep the paths around your plot free of weeds at all times.

Plot residents are not allowed to compost their own items, however we encourage members to contribute to the communal compost.

Do not let anything (plant, structure, etc.) shades any neighboring plots.

Place trash from your garden into the proved dumpsters.  If dumpsters are full, keep trash in your plot until dumpsters are empty, and do not leave in a wheelbarrow or in the surrounding area located near the dumpster.

Do not bring trash/garbage from outside of the garden.

Turn the wheelbarrows up so water do not collect in then and rust the bottoms out.

Garden in day light hours only.

Be aware of your crops and never plant tall crops where they will shade a neighboring plot.

Only plant with in your assigned raised garden bed.

Any wood to be thrown out must be cut to fit into the dumpster.

* When finished emptying trash, be courteous to the next gardener and clean up crops/trash around the dumpster.