Diamond Bar Community Garden Bylaws

Rules and Regulations

Diamond Bar Community Garden Rules & Regulations 2014

Our goal is to provide a safe and attractive environment for those persons desiring a place to grow edible produce.  The purpose of these Rules & Regulations is to maintain a neat and productive garden area and provide a pleasant environment for all persons in the garden.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing something you’ve grown with your own hands on your dinner table.


New plot owners’ will be allowed 90 days to build their boxes and/or plant within their allocated location. If no action has been taken within 60 days, a 30 day notice will be issued to the owner. If no action is taken, after the 30 day notice has been submitted, the owner will lose his/her rights to the plot and the plot will be reassigned.

*The original owner can reapply after 3 months and be placed at the bottom of the waiting list if they chose to request a new plot assignment.

Members will pay the designated fee which covers The Diamond Bar Community Garden expenses.

Members’ must confirm that the building materials used for their plot meet The Diamond Bar Community Garden standards.

Members may only plant in containers and/or raised beds.

Members’ may NOT alter the designated pathways in between garden plots.

Members will NOT use poured concrete in any bed or in the garden.

If a member must abandon their plot for any reason, they must notify the board in writing.

*Or if for any reason a member is unable to maintain their plot they are responsible for find an individual to maintain it for them. This arrangement must be recognized in writing and submitted to the board for approval.

If a member’s plot becomes unkempt, the member understands that they will be given 30 days’ notice to clean it up. At that time, if no improvement has been made, the plot will be reassigned.

Members will keep weeds at a minimum and maintain the areas immediately surrounding their plot.

Members’ will keep trash and litter out of their plot, the adjacent pathways, and dispose of trash in the appropriate location.

All trash must fit within the dumpster and No trash maybe left around the perimeter of the trash can.

Do NOT bring trash from outside the garden for disposal.

All members of the garden agree to volunteer for two (2) work parties per year or give four (4) hours of service.

Special work parties may be called as needed.

These community service hours must be completed by the last work party of the garden year.

There will be NO grace period for fulfilling community service hours.

There will be NO personal gardening in ones plot during these scheduled work parties.

Members’ will NOT shade neighboring plots with tall crops, trees, structures, or ornamental items.

Members’ will limit planting decorating and placing personal objects to their assigned space, any items placed outside of their assigned space will be removed at the discretion of the board.

Members’ will pick only their own crops unless given permission by another member.

Members’ may NOT remove any items’ (crop, plant, tools, etc…) from the garden that is not their own. This is cause for permanent loss of membership!

Members’ are responsible for the proper use and care of communal items.

Members are responsible for the actions of their guests. If a plot owners’ guest brakes a bylaw then the plot owner is responsible and will be reprimanded as if they broke the bylaw themselves.

Children must be supervised and within the present of an adult at all times

Members’ may NOT bring any animals to the garden or leave their animals in the car for safety reasons.

Members’ may NOT consume any alcoholic beverage or inhale/inject/consume any illegal substances while on DBCG property.

NO smoking!

It is imperative we conserve water, so please be conscience of your water use.

Only garden during daylight hours.

Members’ are responsible for harvesting their crops in a timely manner.

In order to ensure the health of the garden No diseased plant may be put into the compost. The diseased plant must be taken care of properly to eliminate the spread of the malady. 


The following items are NOT ALLOWED for use in your garden plots:

Any container that can trap and hold water, thus facilitating a possible habitat for breeding mosquitoes and other insects, including plastic bags.

Fertilizes, insecticides, and weed repellents are not allowed to be used in the garden unless approved by The Board Members.


The following Plants are NOT ALLOWED for use in your garden plots.

*The above plants are banned from the DBCG and members will not plant them for one or more of the following reasons:     Too invasive     Poisonous     Potential for causing plant diseases     Potential for harboring damaging insects     Potential for causing physical harm

* An invasive plant is a plant that spread aggressively from the original site of planting, which in turn, takes over or over whelms any nearby plants.

Replacement Materials

Please contact The Board when you become aware of broken, missing, or weathered items.


Food Bank and Orchard Tables

Each member is required to contribute a portion of his or her produce to the Food Bank.

*The taking of produce from the Food Bank plots and/or from the produce collection will result in immediate and permanent loss of membership.


Compost Containers and Composting


Grass Clippings, Brown Leaves and other Dry Foliage, and Vegetable Scraps

are allowed in the compost